Where in the world is IntoxiKatie?!

After a 4-month hiatus, I think it is about time that I got back into the blogisphere.  I won’t lie to you all and say I’ve been reflecting on my blog that whole time.  Life gets busy as you all know and at different points in life you make priorities based on what provides you the most satisfaction.  The style of review and methodology of selection got stale for me.  This will be changing – hopefully for the better.  


Quantitative Rating System

I want to keep some lighthearted/conversational prose, but I will be adding a more standardized rating system in which you can easily review why a bar sucks/doesn’t suck.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Rather than just writing a review about wherever the wind takes me, I will be taking on a new bar/drinking challenge for each review.  These challenges might be liquor/beer-based in a single location while I try different concoctions or they might be more neighborhood-based…think quantity over quality…or if I’m feeling fancy, quality over quantity.

If any of you have suggestions for bar challenges or would like to participate, I’m all ears!

Stay tuned 😀

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