Well, if you couldn’t tell from the name of the page, my name is Katie.

I have been living in the DC area since July 2010 (after graduating from my undergraduate education) and only started drinking back in April 2011.  What was once a fairly unique quality about me – being older than 21 and choosing freely not to drink – has now quickly dissolved.

No longer a newbie to the area, I hope that my critics no longer doubt my ability to provide thoughtful bar reviews even if I am not a veteran drinker quite yet.   Starting this blog with the premise that I was a blank slate in terms of neighborhood biases or opinions on certain bars, I still approach each bar with an open mind.  After living here two years I was bound to form some favorite areas, but still maintain my sense of adventure and love of trying new establishments.

My goal is to provide a straightforward review.  I’m not going to sugar-coat things or act like I’m a regular at a bar I’ve only visited once.  Nor will I pretend like I know the prices/menu/whatever by memory if I don’t have a specific receipt or website to crosscheck.  These are my experiences shared and hopefully they can help those of you struggling to find the perfect place to go out for a happy hour/dance party/drunken revelry/quiet drink/date night.

Comments/suggestions/questions are always welcome 🙂

Email: intoxikatied@gmail.com

Twitter: @intoxikatie


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