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Take me out to the Ballgame….The Bullpen and California Tortilla

So…it’s been a while.  I won’t bore you all with excuses as to why the reviews have been sparse lately or why this review is a month overdue.  I will say there are good reasons for the delay, including a wonderful 4th of July celebration (yes, that’s right…I can throw a heck of a party too J ).  Anyway, hope you enjoy the humorous story below.

As I’ve already established, this blog may be more a collection of my foolish stories than bar reviews.  Hate as people may that I work in Northern Virginia, I am employed by a pretty cool company; proof being that we took a group trip to a Nationals game at the beginning of June.  The trip started a little rocky when our bus driver sideswiped a car.  Amazingly, he didn’t completely take off the car’s side mirror and with just a minor delay, we were on our way.  Arriving slightly after the opening pitch, the BFDs and most dudes headed straight for the beer – we also got $15 to spend at the park.  I decided to pace myself and waited until we got settled in our seats.  This may be shocking to some, but this was only the second baseball game I’ve attended.  The previous one hardly counts though because I was little and spent the whole time coloring…at least until I spilled my crayons into the beer soaked stands.  Beer and crayon smell do not mix, by the way.  Anyway, I digress.

Just because I hadn’t been to a baseball game in recent memory, does not mean that I was unprepared for the outrageous lines.  After a good 20 minutes in line, I finally got to order some fries and a coke…which I shortly turned into the vanilla variety, ha (#superclassy).  The fries were mediocre, but the dipping sauce offered was quite tasty ($10 total for small fries and large fountain drink).  After some social engagement with coworkers and consumption of food and drink, it was time for another drink.  This time, I was convinced to get something a little ‘harder’, ha – I was already feeling the vanilla coke!  I opted for my typical vodka tonic ($8 – $12 can get you a frozen margarita in a souvenir cup).  By the time I finished this drink, the stadium already had its ‘last call.’  Doomed to wait until after the game before drinking more, in the meantime I actually watched some of the baseball.  Sorry Nats fans, they were not victorious that day.  Following the game, we made our way across the street to The Bullpen. Funneling through the crowd and ID check, we entered a parking lot that was just as filled with people, but there was the addition of tents and lines for booze.  In an orderly fashion, we waited in said line for approximately 5-10 minutes to order from a set menu of drinks.  I opted for the $8 margarita, which was made and waiting for drinkage as soon as I paid.  My coworkers and I headed to the elevated deck area, but really The Bullpen was really just large amounts of people drinking overpriced drinks in a parking lot.  The advantage is for those looking to continue the fun after baseball games without having to go far.

Finishing up our drinks here, we had the good fortune of having a coworker recently move to the area.  He was quite hospitable, offering a couple of us some drinks and poolside relaxing before we headed to the bar in his building.  I should note that the reason I stuck around after the baseball game was because I had a volleyball match to play in near Capitol South.  Being logical, I thought I would be okay to have a couple drinks before playing.  My coworkers, being the gentlemen that they are, encouraged me…”Maybe you’ll be better playing if you’re drunk, Katie.”  Having never tried, it’s not that I saw this as a challenge, I just was not paying attention to my consumption.  One of those moments where you don’t realize how drunk you are until you stand up, ha.  I somehow made it to the volleyball game safely on foot.  While I do not quite remember the game (other than being in the sand an abnormal amount), my teammates have since reassured me I was quite encouraging and extremely positive.  At least I’m not an angry drunk 🙂  So we lost the game and went out the California Tortilla afterwards.  Oh the funny things I do when intoxicated :-).  While I would love to give a review of California Tortilla, I don’t think I’ve experienced enough of it to give it a complete review.  From the couple times I’ve been there, the margaritas have been tasty and my friends have enjoyed the food.  Our service has also been dynamic.  Anyway, I digress from the continuing hilarity of this night.  When drinking, as many of you know, I can get quite social.  I also have a fairly fearless attitude.  After receiving a challenge to talk to another social sports team, within seconds I left my bar stool to chat with the team…Tequila Mockingbird.  The team name was fairly clever and we had seen this team there a previous week.  After drunkenly imposing myself on this team, my friend came over to join me.  With some shameless flirting, two gentlemen bought us some drinks.  They later got tag names of Old German Guy and Crater Face.  Yes, after drinking a lot I can be quite flirty too…big shocker, haha.  I will say a lot of the details of this night are fuzzy…I vaguely remember turning around in my spandex (read: I shouldn’t be allowed to go out to bars in my volleyball attire).  Just like many Friday or Saturday nights seem to end in dudes being creepy and crossing a line of acceptable behavior, Crater Face found it appropriate to grab my waste and spin me around – not cool.  With that move, we left promptly.  I later found out that Old German Guy got handsy with my friend.  Dear Gentlemen, where are you? Haha.  Icing on the cake…Crater Face found my email and creepily emailed me asking me out., oy.

Tl;dr:  Nats games are surprisingly fun.  I do not play volleyball better drunk.  California Tortilla is pretty cool…even if they have creepy dudes there on occasion.

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